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About the Gulf Coast

The Gulf of Mexico has one of the world's most varied marine ecosystems. This is because it receives an abundance of saltwater from the Gulf of California, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico itself. As such, the range of marine life found there is huge. The variety of species can even be comparable to that of the deepest oceans around the world. Indeed, this natural resource is considered an underwater oasis.

In recent years, however, this natural resource has been threatened. Oil spills are the primary cause of the Gulf of Mexico's biodiversity loss. Environmentalists have sued the federal government, demanding that it close ports that are contributing to the Gulf of Mexico's downfall. Similar lawsuits have been filed by Florida and Texas.

Along the Gulf coast, the megalithic rock strata represents a unique prehistoric fossil record of the earth's history. Dating to about the middle Cretaceous period, this stratum reveals the very beginnings of life on earth. In fact, it reveals the first fossils that were made when the planet was still in its infancy, millions of years ago. Although scientists have long debated the exact origin of these fossils, they believe that the Gulf of Mexico was a major food source for ancient life. Another fossil that has been discovered here, this time around the remains of an ancient shoreline known as Rock Carpet, is believed to be the most important fossil discovery in recent times.

This area is experiencing advanced climate change now. This threat has prompted the federal government to construct the Gulf of Mexico Security Structure, an outer containment system to protect the country's largest port. One such reason why the United States is worried about the deteriorating situation at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, is because it directly affects the country's food supply. In addition, the Gulf of Mexico contains one of the richest stocks of water on earth, which supplies a considerable portion of the water consumed within the United States. Thus, a spill in the Gulf of Mexico would greatly impact the food supply of this country.

Thus, with the increasing likelihood of a spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States government has become quite concerned and has taken certain preemptive steps. Recently, officials have been visiting ports in preparation for a large-scale disaster drill that will test the readiness of various emergency response teams in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf coast. At present, officials are focusing their attention on securing and rebuilding the port of Mobile, Alabama, which was severely damaged during Hurricane Rita. In this regard, they have been busy recently in planning for an operation which will better prepare Gulf Coast Emergency Response Teams in case a spill occurs in the Gulf of Mexico or along the Gulf coast from Texas to New Orleans.

In view of these potential hazards, Mexico is working hard to enhance spill preparedness. Nevertheless, the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal areas of Florida and Texas are considered the more likely sources of a spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In the Gulf of Mexico, the port city of Mobile is expected to face the threat of a chemical dispersal due to a natural disaster or explosion. And Mexico has become particularly concerned about the threat of a chemical spill and working diligently to secure the Gulf of Mexico and its coastline.

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